How to Self-Promote your Band With Ease

When it comes to self-promoting your band, it is of course important to be genuine. However, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to help build your following and become better known.


Find Your Niche

Before you begin to self-promote your band, you need to think to yourself “what is our niche?” and this means, who exactly are you? and why should people choose you over the other millions of bands out there? You need to make sure you know exactly who you are and how you wish to come across before you even attempt promoting your band. The reason for this is, people are being exposed to so many musicians every single day through the radio, Spotify, youtube, billboards, etc. and they need to be interested enough to click on your band, search you up, listen to your music, and most importantly… like you!


Engaging Social Presence and Target Audience

In today’s society, it is so important and effective to develop an engaging social presence. A very large majority of people spend many hours a day on their phones, on various social media sites. Therefore, it is important for your band to engage with potential fans through the most popular social platforms, and be consistent. Of course, YouTube would be the main platform for a band to showcase their music, so it may be worth researching a bit about the 7 most important youtube ranking factors. Another great tip is to be aware of your target audience, don’t waste your time on people who are very unlikely to become fans. For example, if you are setting up a social media account for your band when starting out, follow those who you feel like your genre in music and are interested in your style. In terms of Instagram, Hash Tags can be a great way of achieving this; if you use hashtags that are related to your band such as #rock or #indie or #punk, then you are likely to attract people of the same preferences.


Be Relatable

Have you ever been completely star struck over a celeb and then they post something about themselves and you think “oh my god, I do that too!” and it makes you realize that while they are well- known and very talented, they are just normal people too and we probably have more in common than we think! People love that, they love to follow people who they feel share things in common with them and they can relate to. Therefore, it is important that you are likable to people, talk about things they would know about, write songs about life events others might have experienced too. This does not mean that you need to make stuff up to pretend you are relating to someone, as it is important to be genuine (people will be able to tell), but if you are going through a tough time and feel comfortable enough to write about it- DO IT! People will only end up thanking you for it as it may make them feel less alone in the situation they are facing.

Make Connections

Something else that can be very useful for promoting your band is making connections with like-minded people. It can be easy when you are in a competitive position such as the music industry to only focus on yourself and be selfish but this is not always a great way to be. It is important to form a network around you whereby you and other musicians can support each other, this may also help with promotion, as they may recommend you to people that they feel would enjoy your music. You never know, you could make friends with a band and they may end up inviting you to be a supporting act on their next tour!

How do Gaming Studios Create their Sound Effects 

Video games have always been an extremely popular source of entertainment and form of escape for children and adults alike. As the world went into lockdown in 2020 and life as we knew it came to a halt, video game sales rocketed. From March 16 to March 22 of that year, a total of 4.3 million games were sold worldwide (partly due to the release of Animal Crossing), however still proving the sheer interest in this hobby.  

Video games have always had a long-standing negative reputation due to the addictive nature of gaming, yet playing them can actually provide a vast range of benefits such as an increase in children’s self-confidence and self-esteem as they master games as well as providing a common interest and opportunities for socialization when in multiplayer.  

Due to this mass influx of players in the last year, gaming hacks have also soared. These can be various methods to create an advantage beyond normal gameplay to make the game easier and enabling players the opportunity to succeed in their multiplayer battles. For example, these include a wallhack cheat for Warzone and you can even use an aimbot for hunt showdown.  

Importance of Sound Effects 

Sound design and music play an important role in the overall experience of video games, helping to build on the narrative by creating tension, adding emotion, and building immersion in the gaming world.  

How gaming studios create their sound effects 

Gaming studios create sound in conjunction with their design and animation team in order to successfully create audio that fits into their virtual world. This type of sound is an art form and brings the entire game to life. Game studios must create an entire library of custom sounds effects to achieve a sense of realism and uniqueness. Typically, gaming studios will have a team of sound designers, who generate and manipulate audio elements for the game.  

This involves creating several layers of audio to match each of the player’s choices and movements and to compose background music that is appropriate to what is taking place on-screen. Typically, sound designers will collaborate with out-sourced composers to produce music for the game and therefore the sound designer much ensure the composers understand the vision of the game. One thing that it is important to be aware of is audio bugs or mistakes so, in the later stage of development, sound designers must test the game to check everything is perfect.  

Top audio tools to make your game sound great 

Audio tools are important as they allow sound designers to both create an original sound and construct sound libraries which are helpful in allowing you to manage these sounds in-game to deliver a first-class experience to users. A popular audio tool platform for achieving this is wise. This is a very advanced interactive audio solution for games that features an audio authoring tool and a cross-platform sound engine. It also allows you to adjust sound effects whilst the game is in play.  

Along with this, FMOD is also a popular audio tool, essentially a sound effects engine for video games and applications that play sound files of diverse formats. This also allows for multiple team members to work on the same project at the same time, proving to be an efficient tool in assisting the development of any video game.  

It is clear that without sound effects, video games would not be the same. These sound effects exist to provide an entertaining experience and provide players with key feedback from the game, all key ingredients in creating a successful video game.  

What is Ambient Music and Why do Games need It? 

Ambience is an often-undervalued area of video game sound. It is the canvas upon which all the spot effects, dialogue, and music sit, but it also has a much more powerful interactive potential. Ambience typically tends to be loops of one or two minutes in duration, which is generally inactive and does not draw any attention to itself. This makes good sense in games that have very predictable set pieces in terms of gameplay and have minimal dynamics to their play narrative. If you are a gamer, valorant boosting can make the game a lot more fun.

What makes ambience important? 

Ambience generally hints at a world just outside what can be seen and experienced on screen. It performs the functional task of making a scene feel real and continuous, no matter what other effects are layered on top of it. Everything should seem to belong to the same scene. It does not have the in-sync immediacy of sounds that are coming from within the on-screen diegesis. This is not to say that it cannot represent and reflect events that are occurring as a result of gameplay actions the player has undertaken. The sound of distant sirens in a large urban setting, for example, may indicate that tension has slowly been raised, either because of actions taken by the player (for example, shooting) or because something has happened in the game world that will soon become apparent.

These sounds are not merely there to add flavour or a mood to the game, although they can clearly do that very well. This works especially well when orchestrated along with all the other elements of an interactive soundtrack such as music and spot effects. The idea that interactive events are being triggered by a kind of ripple effect in the distance is indispensable for immersing the player further into an interactive world. It gives a great impression of life beyond what is happening directly on-screen and helps to fill the player’s head with notions of an unseen and reactive world that is not being rendered by the game engine, but by the player’s imagination. 

Ambience and gaming 

As game developers gained access to more technological power and resources in the 8-bit era, they began to hire composers to score their games. Though the music still had many limitations, many of those early tunes were so catchy and memorable that we remember them just as well, if not more, than the games themselves. If you mention Super Mario Bros. to nearly any gamer, their first thought is not likely to be the level design, the characters, or the gameplay, though all were fantastic. No, their first thought is likely to be what probably popped into your own head. That tune was integral to the success of the game, though when gamers talk in modern times about what was so great about Super Mario Bros., they tend to discuss the level design, characters, and gameplay, utilizing the music as a sort of soundtrack in their heads for their discussion. The music was a constant companion during our journey to save the princess, but can often be relegated to “also, the music was catchy” status regarding its importance. Without the music, the game would still likely have been successful, but it would have felt empty. Conversely, if it were scored with terrible music, the game could really have actually failed.  

 How music creates an immersive atmosphere?

Gamers were quick to notice the important role that music played in games during that period. Many gaming magazines included music, or music and sound, as one of the key aspects in their overall review of a game. One of the first things gamers noticed in those games was the musical tracks across the various stages and levels in every game they played. Just like with the previous example, if you bring up  Journey to Silius, Batman, Blaster Master, Duck Tales, Mega Man or nearly any game from that period to someone that played them, there are specific melodies that will likely play fondly in their minds the moment they hear the name. The music wasn’t regarded as simple ambience, but was one of the major factors leading gamers to purchase a game

7 Of the Most Creative YouTube Musicians Out there

Youtube is a brilliant way for artists to put their work out there and be discovered. Unheard of singers and musicians that began on youtube are now chart-topping megastars.  However, many people prefer to remain independent on youtube and their creativity for their music attracts people in the millions. Here is a list of some of the most creative youtube musicians.

Peter Hollens

Hollens’s channel is dedicated to all things acapella, whether it be a solo performance or collaborating with other musicians and singers, including another on this list, Whitney Avalon. He has grown in popularity over the years due to his vocal covers of mainstream topics. These include the A Game of Thrones opening theme, Disney medleys, villain medleys, and music from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies. He has also done multiple musical medleys that lead to large project collaborations with other YouTubers. The musicals include Wicked and The Greatest Showman to name a couple.

Lindsay Stirling

A skilled violinist, Stirling began her career on youtube in 2007, uploading videos of herself playing the violin for crowds of people. As her popularity grew, she began to upload more polished music videos of her original compositions. She went on to appear on America’s Got Talent, where she was a quarter-finalist, impressing the judges with her non-traditional forms of playing, choosing to perform pop and hip-hop on her violin rather than the more expected classical music.

Jon Cozart – Paint

Perhaps best known for his popular After Ever After series, in which he sings about the fates of Disney characters after their respective movies have ended, Cozart’s uploads are generally few and far between but his loyal subscribers boost the views of his videos into the millions. His other videos include song covers that are remixed by him, or his Political Rap Battle series where he parodies senators in office, most notably Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. During his “Politiclash” videos, he doesn’t openly support one side, instead of pointing out the flaws of each party and, in the case of the 2016 elections, their presidential candidates.

Kurt Hugo Scheider

Scheider frequently collaborates with other youtube artists, providing the music for covers and original songs. His most common collaboration is with artist Sam Tsui, with whom he attended school. Creating many viral videos, his music has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show as well as Britney Spears’ official website featuring his rendition of “Hold It Against Me”. He has also collaborated with Coca-Cola, producing his own versions of Calvin Harris’s “Feel So Close” and Of Monsters and Men’s “Little Talks” for a campaign called “The Sounds of AHH”.

The Piano Guys

Starting as a means to draw attention to a music store of the same name, The Piano Guys is a group consisting of four members, all of whom were once average family men with other jobs. After the unexpected success of the channel, the four quit their jobs and signed contracts in order to pursue their musical careers. Best known for mashups of modern and classical music, the group may have begun by looking for cheap youtube views in order to promote something else, but they have certainly earned their rise in popularity.

Dodie Clark

A British musician who independently reached the top 40 UK charts, Dodie plays guitar, ukulele, and sings. She has frequently collaborated with other popular YouTubers, be it musicians, comedians, or vloggers, slowly gaining a strong following over the years. Currently, she is in the process of releasing her first studio album. She has been nominated for six awards, winning two of them, the Breakout Award for Summer in the City, and the Youtube Musician award at the Shorty’s.

Whitney Avalon

Best known for her Princess Rap Battle series, Avalon uploaded the first of these videos in 2014, pitting the first Disney Princess, Snow White, against the most recent at the time, Frozen’s Queen Elsa. Following a similar structure to the channel Epic Rap Battles, the series pits numerous well-known female characters against each other to decide who performed the best in the showdown. Notable guests on the channel have included Sarah Michelle Gellar (performing as Cinderella) and Emily Kinney (as Alice from Alice in Wonderland).

Youtube is a huge platform, and I’m sure this list doesn’t even begin to cover the numerous creative musicians who upload videos in their thousands daily. It’s easy to get lost in the big names, like Adele and GaGa, but the independent artists deserve recognition for their hard work and talent across youtube.