6 Tips to Stay Relevant and Seen on Spotify

When you are trying to build your music career in the modern era it is important that you make an effort to be seen on the many music streaming platforms that are available, although there is still interest in buying more outdated forms of music via CD’s and vinyl it is now common for people to use services like Spotify. With this in mind, you will need to boost your Spotify account ratings and followers so that more and more people have access to your music, it has become very important for new musicians to ensure that they have a strong presence on the platform in order to see the best results and success rates from a career in music. 


There are many things that you can do to ensure that you stay relevant and seen on Spotify and many of the processes are actually very easy to do with little stress or inconvenience to the other things you have to do within your busy lifestyle. The great thing about Spotify is that it is very easy to use both as a listener and a creator and once you have posted your music all you need to do is advertise it effectively to get people listening.  


Producing Regular Content

As is the case with any career that revolves around the success of your social media and Spotify accounts you will need to make sure you are keeping your listeners satisfied by posting on a regular basis. If you do not stick to a strict posting schedule you may find that people get bored with your existing content and turn to other creators, posting regularly will keep you in the mind of your listeners and encourage them to continue listening to your work.  


Improving Your Quality

Another way that you can boost your Spotify ratings and ensure that you are staying relevant would be to be constantly working on improving the quality of your productions. As a creative mind in the music industry, you shouldn’t be complacent with the quality of your work and you should always be looking for ways that you can make improvements. If you make the effort this energy is going to be felt by your fans through the music you are producing, you don’t want to release something that is going to disappoint people as this could be very negative for your career.  


Switch Up Your Style

Another great way that you can stay relevant on Spotify would be to change up the style of music you are producing, if you are able to clearly show that you are a music creator of many talents who is able to work within different genres it is likely that you are going to attract a more diverse range of people and listeners. If you are working specifically under one genre of music you may feel limited in terms of the fans you are attracting to your profile.  


Social Media

Social media is a great tool to use with Spotify as you can very easily share links to your albums and your Spotify profile, when you work in the music industry your fans and the number of people who listen to you are the most important factor towards your success. Spotify promotion can be done using social media by notifying your followers of any upcoming releases and successful moments that you would like to share. Social media has the potential to open up a wide range of people from all over the world to your work and if you do not already have a social media account dedicated to your music you should definitely make one.  


Diversifying Your Content

A great way to boost your music career and ensure that you are staying relevant both in the public eye and on your music platforms like Spotify would be to diversify your content. What I mean by this is that you should be producing extra things such as music videos, advertising content, promotional posters, and even graphic design for your album art. Building a career in music is much more than the tracks you produce and if you want to be taken seriously in the industry you will need to put in the hard work.  


Aim For the Charts

It may seem redundant to say that in order to stay relevant on Spotify you should be aiming to get your music in the charts and on the more recognizable public playlists. With the humongous amount of users on Spotify if you are lucky enough to find your music on the top playlists or in the charts I would say that you have reached a very important milestone in your career that will give you the longevity you need to retain your popularity and your fans for many years to come.