9 Artists Producing the Most Chill Music To Study To


The studying period can be a very stressful time with the music being a welcome escape from the pressures of upcoming deadlines, Macklemore has been commended for his most recent album Gemini and I must agree that it is a great listen with a mix of relaxing smooth sounds and energetic beats. Macklemore’s witty lyrics and iconic rap voice and style of music would be a great choice to listen to when you are studying or working on an upcoming assignment.

Maroon 5

Maroon five is one of those classic pop groups that have consistently been releasing popular albums with chart successes throughout the decade, they have a nice mixture of upbeat songs with a nice rhythm to work along with and relaxing tracks with some emotion behind them. Many people find that the softer songs are easier to work while listening to as they generally have less energetic moments that could distract you. When you are studying it is important that the music does not distract you from your work and as we all know it is very easy to get lost in procrastination.  

Dua Lipa

 Another regular face in the charts this year with some excellent music under her belt would have to be Dua Lipa, Dua is very well known for her sassy attitude that very clearly comes across in her music. For those of you that are studying Dua’s music would be a great choice for times when you need some inspiring beats to help you work and smash out a significant chunk of that word count. Dua Lipa has a range of albums to choose from her successful music career especially over the last few years and her tracks would be a great form of relaxation for when you need a break to unwind a little.  

Vance Joy

Vance Joy is a pop and indie musician who is known for his soft and emotional music, his songs are perfect for studying as they have a subtlety that would help keep you focussed on the studying you should be doing. Study music is all about creating a relaxing environment for you to be productive within, speaking of relaxation there has been a growing popularity for CBD products recently that would be great for anyone experiencing anxiety about their studies. The great thing about CBD is that it comes in many forms so you should be able to find a product to suit you, vaping is a very popular method of taking CBD and this guide on using a cbd vape cartridge correctly is an excellent read if you are a beginner in this area.  

Anne Marie

Anne Marie has become a household name thanks to her most recent appearance as a judge and coach on the music talent show The Voice, this role has given her a lot of success and boosted her music career significantly. Her unique voice and style of hip-hop music are an excellent combination for those looking for background music during a study session. There is something relaxing but positive about her style of music that creates an environment perfect for studying and being productive.  


Lizzo may not be the best artist to listen to while you are studying as you may find it hard to stop yourself from putting your work down to belt out each and every hit song she has produced. If you can restrain yourself from distraction then her positive music is a definite mood booster that could really help you out if you are feeling negative about your work. She would also be worth a listen during any free time you give yourself from your study schedule as you can really escape from your worries for a while. 


If you are a fan of indie music then Hozier is the artist for you, they have consistently been putting out great music for the last few years now and they have made appearances in many playlists specifically designed for studying in that time. The fact that so many people turn to their music when they are studying is a testament to how popular they are for this purpose, Hozier’s music is on the softer side but with a powerful voice and great backing tracks on almost every track they have released, it is definitely worth a listen.  


Everyone knows that the period where your studies become a huge priority in your life can be a time where you are not at your happiest, the thought of finishing your big assignments and projects is the only thing that gets you through in music is a way to escape the pressures for a while. Normani has released great music with each album she makes, her aptly named song “Motivation” is a great one for times when you need a little boost to get you in the headspace for a productive studying session. 

James Bay

The final artist on this list who has some great music to help you become more relaxed with your studies would have to be James Bay, his strong voice and instrumental style are a great combination for some soft background music to help you focus on your studies. When you are studying you will find that your go-to music is not enough to occupy the hours you will spend hitting the books, so it is the perfect opportunity to listen to a new artist and James is definitely a talented option.