Essential Tips And Tricks About YouTube Music On Android You Should Know

Music can easily refresh the mood no matter how bad it is. If you are the one who loves to listen to music then make sure to stay till the end with us. Over here you will come to know about the best music service which is called as YouTube music which is really popular and can offer you variety of playlist to listen to. All you need to do is download the application or you can go for the web version also.

Application on the other hand will be going to help you in many ways like you will get tons of features to use which is why you should make sure to download the application. If you are new to the application then in the beginning you need to create an account or you can login your existing account in the application and it will be going to work absolutely fine.

You can use the service for free but there are some limitations in free version like you cannot run the music in the background which can be literally irritating to many of you. So if you want to run the songs in the background and also you can easily come to download the songs. There are different packs you can consider in mind and choose the one that suits your needs and demands.

Here are some tricks and tips to keep in mind

Tricks and tips will help in enhancing your experience with the application and also you can easily come to learn about how to operate the application at ease. Also the best thing about the tricks is that you will come to know about various shortcuts to operate the application.

Following are some of the best ones for you-

  1. Search with lyrics- The number one topmost feature of this application is that you can search the song just by entering the lyrics. Yes, it can only be possible in YouTube music application so you must go for it. All you need to do is tap on the search bar and enter any line of lyrics you remember and you will get the result. You will get the song you wanted to listen and it is as easy as that.
  2. Safe streaming- If you are worried about losing your mobile data then there is no need to because in this application there is an option of only WIFI streaming. It will let you stream songs only if you are on WIFI connection. So you need to be on that otherwise you won’t get to stream music so you need to take care of this thing.
  3. Modify your download quality- You can change the quality of downloaded songs to save storage on your device. It is easy as you only need to head towards the setting tab in your phone and over there you will come to find the download quality option. So if you are short on space but want to download the songs in YouTube music then this is the best option you got.
  4. Automatically download- There is an option called as automatic download which you should go for and that will help in downloading the songs from your favorite artist. You can add the artist in the favorite section and sit back and relax because now the top songs will be downloaded automatically. Also the service will learn your taste and get you the songs of your taste which sounds really good.
  5. Download videos- Have you ever wonder watching video songs while listening to audio in the same player? It can only be possible in YouTube music player as you can switch to mp3 and video with just one tap. So if you are interested then download the application and go for it and the best part is that you can easily come to download the video inside the application.
  6. Save pre launched albums- The best part is that you can save pre launched albums even when they aren’t yet released. It sounds really good and interesting as you will be the one who will get access to the albums which aren’t yet released. This is the reason why you should go for the YouTube music application.
  7. Modify recommendation- You can easily change the source of recommendation without any issue at all. So in this way you can get to listen to the songs which are really cool to listen. Also on the other hand they will be of your choice so there is nothing to be stress about. If you are beginner then in the beginning it might be little bit confusing for you.

These are some of the tricks that you must consider in mind if you are using YouTube music application. Also the best thing is that you can easily choose the subscription of your choice. You must compare those by which it will get easy for you to choose the plan of your choice.

Use it for free

If you do not want to pay price for the service then you can use it for free by which you can come to know about how does this application works. Also there will be limitation but you need to face those like no background play and many other things. If you want to eliminate or get rid of those then you need to purchase the subscription by paying real money.

You can use different payment method for it as you can go the debit or credit method which is up to you. The best thing about this service is that you can access your subscription anywhere you want simply by log in the account. Also you can access your playlist anytime you want to as it won’t get deleted no matter what.

Thus, in the end, it is stated that listening to un-released album can now be possible only on YouTube music on android so you must keep in mind.

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