How To Repair Trumpet Lacquer?

Brass instruments in the family of brass produce the highest notes with trumpets. The brass finish of these instruments will deteriorate as they age. Lacquer can be quite expensive to strip and reapply, but it can be more financially rewarding to do this yourself.

Can You Replate A Trumpet?

Replate your instrument Sometimes you can choose to have it replated by a professional. Lacquer (or what is left of it) will be removed from an instrument if it has been lacquered.

How Do You’re Lacquer Brass?

A paint stripper is needed first to remove the old finish from the brass. You can then use hot soapy water to wash the brass after removing the old clear coat. A lemon or vinegar solution can be used to polish the brass. Brass should be protected with a protective coating of oil or clear lacquer.

How Much Does It Cost To Refinish A Trumpet?

Brass Repair Pricing Prices do NOT include parts.


General Service

Overhaul Student Instruments

Trumpet or Cornet



Single Horn (3 Valves)



Double Horn (4 Valves)



Can You’re Lacquer An Instrument?

It is possible to restore an instrument to its original appearance by rubbing it with Lustre-Conn or the lacquer before 1957 (aside from the hue of the lacquer, which is one of the reasons why it looks “new”).

Can You Repaint A Trumpet?

Painting. The best way to achieve an even color on every part of the trumpet’s surface is to apply spray paint. A wide variety of hardware and home improvement stores sell spray paint for plated brass as well. Paints like this may be better suited to your project and will give your trumpet a longer lasting appearance.

How Much Does It Cost To Replate A Trumpet?

Silver Plating

Gold Plating

Trumpet Top



Trumpet/Trombone Backbore



Trombone Top



Trumpet Top Rim and Inner Cup Gold Plating *


Can You Get Trumpet Repainted?

Paint can be used to make your trumpet look better. It may be a good idea to paint your trumpet if it has an aesthetic flaw that needs to be fixed.

Can You’re Lacquer Brass?

Brass should be re-lacquered. A protective coating should be applied to the brass after it has been polished. If you want to add a high-gloss urethane or UV-resistant clear lacquer to the brass object, apply three or four coats. The lacquer should dry completely between coats after being applied.

What Is Lacquer Coating On Brass?

The three sheens of Mohawk Brass Lacquer are designed to prevent tarnishing and discoloration of brass and brass plated metal surfaces. With this water-clear, non-yellowing coating, your metals will remain durable for a long time.

What To Spray On Brass To Keep It From Tarnishing?

What can you do to help?? The best way to prevent brass from tarnishing so quickly is to spray it with lacquer. This is why Mohawk’s Lacquer for Brass, formerly known as Behlen Lacquer for Brass, is designed specifically for this purpose.

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