How to Self-Promote your Band With Ease

When it comes to self-promoting your band, it is of course important to be genuine. However, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to help build your following and become better known.


Find Your Niche

Before you begin to self-promote your band, you need to think to yourself “what is our niche?” and this means, who exactly are you? and why should people choose you over the other millions of bands out there? You need to make sure you know exactly who you are and how you wish to come across before you even attempt promoting your band. The reason for this is, people are being exposed to so many musicians every single day through the radio, Spotify, youtube, billboards, etc. and they need to be interested enough to click on your band, search you up, listen to your music, and most importantly… like you!


Engaging Social Presence and Target Audience

In today’s society, it is so important and effective to develop an engaging social presence. A very large majority of people spend many hours a day on their phones, on various social media sites. Therefore, it is important for your band to engage with potential fans through the most popular social platforms, and be consistent. Of course, YouTube would be the main platform for a band to showcase their music, so it may be worth researching a bit about the 7 most important youtube ranking factors. Another great tip is to be aware of your target audience, don’t waste your time on people who are very unlikely to become fans. For example, if you are setting up a social media account for your band when starting out, follow those who you feel like your genre in music and are interested in your style. In terms of Instagram, Hash Tags can be a great way of achieving this; if you use hashtags that are related to your band such as #rock or #indie or #punk, then you are likely to attract people of the same preferences.


Be Relatable

Have you ever been completely star struck over a celeb and then they post something about themselves and you think “oh my god, I do that too!” and it makes you realize that while they are well- known and very talented, they are just normal people too and we probably have more in common than we think! People love that, they love to follow people who they feel share things in common with them and they can relate to. Therefore, it is important that you are likable to people, talk about things they would know about, write songs about life events others might have experienced too. This does not mean that you need to make stuff up to pretend you are relating to someone, as it is important to be genuine (people will be able to tell), but if you are going through a tough time and feel comfortable enough to write about it- DO IT! People will only end up thanking you for it as it may make them feel less alone in the situation they are facing.

Make Connections

Something else that can be very useful for promoting your band is making connections with like-minded people. It can be easy when you are in a competitive position such as the music industry to only focus on yourself and be selfish but this is not always a great way to be. It is important to form a network around you whereby you and other musicians can support each other, this may also help with promotion, as they may recommend you to people that they feel would enjoy your music. You never know, you could make friends with a band and they may end up inviting you to be a supporting act on their next tour!