Musical Style: Why Certain Outfits Match Music Genres

Fashion and music are two of the most popular things in society. Music is extremely important to many people in society, everyone has a favorite band that they identify with, and means a lot to them. People express themselves through music but they also express themselves through fashion. Even when people think they’re not into fashion because they don’t know what the trends are in each season they are still somewhat involved with fashion as they choose their outfits every day. It is no wonder that fashion and music are linked, almost every music genre has a stereotypical type of look that is associated with people who predominately listen to that kind of music. The reason this happens is that many people who share a common music interest build a community and they often have similar tastes in fashion too which causes an association between certain styles and music genres. We’ve found some of the most popular outfits and styles that match up with some of the most popular music genres.  


Pop Music

Pop music is a favorite music genre, it’s called pop as it’s anything that is popular on the charts so covers a variety of songs. Pop music tends to be pretty upbeat and pop music artists end up being some of the most popular artists. There is a distinct style that is associated with pop music, this usually involves denim shorts or denim jeans, denim is an important part of any pop-inspired outfit. They also tend to include bright colors on the top and funky blouses with standout jewelry such as bold σκουλαρικια and necklaces that make a statement. 


Rock Music

Rock music has many sub-genres from alternative rock to popular rock, but one thing they all have in common is that they have similar outfit styles associated with them. One of the main items of clothing that are featured in most outfits that are associated with rock music is a leather jacket. This can be paired with almost anything and will give off rock vibes. The most common thing to pair a leather jacket with is a band t-shirt or even better, a ripped band shirt and some boyfriend jeans. The jewelry tends to be quite edgy like spiked earrings and chokers. If you’re wanting to get an outfit that gives off rock vibes then the perfect shoes to go with this would be Chelsea boots and luckily for you not only are they stylish but they tend to be really comfortable too.  


Hip Hop

Hip Hop originated in New York in the 1970s and it started to rise in popularity during the ’90s and the early 2000’s when it was one of the most popular genres of music. Hip Hop has managed to maintain much of its popularity and is one of the biggest genres of music still today. If you’re wanting to wear Hip Hop inspired outfits then you’re lucky as outfits associated with Hip Hop are usually baggy which means they’re super comfortable. Baggy pants are a must when it comes to a Hip Hop inspired outfit, skinny jeans are a no-go here. Baseball caps are the other staple if you’re wearing Hip Hop fashion, but usually, they’re worn sideways or backward, if you think you can pull it off. These are usually paired with sporty t-shirts for the most iconic Hip Hop outfit. This is then paired with hoop earrings, anything neon, and sneakers. The newest fashion item that is Hip Hop-inspired is track pants and metallic light-up tops.