The Best Canadian Musicians to Have Ever Lived

Canada is known for a number of things. From food to their polite nature and beautiful scenery, everyone loves Canada. Though the world seems to have a mutual appreciation for the way that Canada works and functions within itself, we all seem to forget that Canada is actually the birthplace of some of the greatest musicians that have ever lived.

If you are not from Canada or surrounding countries, it can be easy to mistake the accent for a standard American accent, so many people just presume that many Canadian artists are American. If you have ever met a Canadian, you will know that they are full of Canadian pride, so it is not out there to presume that these artists do not enjoy being mislabeled.

Here are some of the best Canadian musicians that have ever lived.


Bryan Adams

Someone that is extremely proud of their Canadian identity of Bryan Adams. Bryan Adams is a household name, no matter what your age is. This social activist turned singer is well known for his beloved anthems and rock albums.

If you have ever tuned into a radio station, you will know that it doesn’t take long before his ‘Summer of 69’ classic erupts through the speakers. This is a song that we all know and love, along with all of his other amazing hits.

Bryan’s story serves as inspiration for any musician trying to make it in the industry as he is the perfect example of making your way up from the bottom. Something that he likes to remind his fans of is the fact that he had his first record deal for only one dollar and since then he has reached international fame and is a multimillionaire thanks to the music that he has created. Who doesn’t love Bryan Adams?


Avril Lavigne

If you were brought up in the 2000s or had an emo phase, then you will be more than aware of who Avril Lavigne is. Avril is known as the world’s punk princess and her catchy songs and badass attitude has been taking the world by storm for almost twenty years.

She is known for creating many of the anthems that defined our youth and so she will always have a place in many people’s hearts. Though she isn’t as wild as she once was, she is still very present in the media today. She continues to release music that reminds us of the rebellion of the mid-2000s and because of this she is able to keep quite a big fan base.

Unfortunately, Avril has had to recently take a break from the limelight due to developing Lyme disease, so we hope that she has a speedy recovery and is able to get back on stage in the near future.


The Weeknd

Something that may surprise you about this R&B star is the fact that they are from Canada. The Weeknd sings a lot about drinking and doing drugs and was a big advocate for the introduction of the online dispensary Canada is now known for. This is something that you wouldn’t usually associate with Canada, but The Weeknd is proud of his Canadian roots and tries to tell as many people as possible about it, which you will know if you have ever listened to one of his interviews.

The Weeknd really brings an air of coolness to Canada that it has never been able to achieve and with his fellow Canadian artist Drake, he plans on encouraging musicians in Canada to venture into Hip Hop and R&B.


Justin Bieber

Love him or hate him, you know who he is. Everyone in the world knows who Justin Bieber is and even if you don’t personally enjoy his music, it would be impossible to dispute that he has not managed to make his mark on the music world.

Busting onto the scene at just 13, Justin has been working hard for over a decade to consistently deliver music to his adoring fans. Though he has experienced his fair share of controversy during his teenage years, he is now married and looking to set a better example for all of the fans that he has out there.

He has been constantly releasing music since the age of 13, which shows just how hard he works to do the thing that he loves.


Celine Dion

This may not be as surprising to you, as the My Heart Will Go On singer is very vocal about her Canadian roots. Celine is now in her seventies, but she has been providing beautiful power ballads and emotive songs since the early 80s.

As Celine gets older, she shows no sign of slowing down as she constantly does live shows every month in Vegas. So if you find yourself in the City, be sure to book tickets to her show.