What Can I Clean A Silver Trumpet With?

Brass and gold trumpets are protected by a thin lacquer coating, and using silver polish intended for silverware can scratch away this coating, leaving trumpets susceptible to both scratches and tarnish. A jeweler’s rouge silver polishing cloth should be used instead.

How Do You Clean A Silver Musical Instrument?

If you want to keep your silver horns clean, we recommend using a window cleaner to gently remove the dirt. You can use a mild polish, such as “Wrights silver cream polish”, which can be found at most grocery stores, if and when you decide to polish your horn.

How Do You Clean A Tarnished Silver Trumpet?

Rather than using metal polish, the pieces of the trumpet should be cleaned by submerging them in warm water that has been mixed with a little dishwashing liquid and then submerging them again. If you want to avoid damaging the lacquer on your instrument, you should not scrub the metal.

Can You Use Brasso On A Silver Trumpet?

Cleaning your slides will make them easier to move. It is recommended not to get Brosso on the finish of your trumpet. A brasso coating will damage lacquer and silver. The slides should be cleaned carefully.

How Do I Clean Tarnished Silver Trumpet?

  • Make sure you have a large plastic bin that can hold the trumpet and several gallons of warm water.
  • Make sure you get some baking soda and melt it in warm water, stirring it to dissolve it completely.
  • How Do You Remove Tarnish From An Instrument?

    Alternatively, you can use lime juice, vinegar, or even ketchup to make an acidic brass polish. Wait several minutes after applying the polishing agent. Use a damp cloth to gently wipe down the trombone. It is recommended to repeat if some tarnish remains.

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